Pakistan Army one of the best among other Forces


There was a bad patch on this force when Pakistan was divided into two parts due to the negligence of its political and military leadership. According to the historical facts, the then army chief and political administrator shared common interest of enjoying their life with foreigner and local beauties.This nation …

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Walaiti Murghi Khanay Kay Nuqsanat

There have been many people who are found saying that we see many strange things on earth, some say we see things which normal eye cannot see. Unbelievable….Skinny chicken to fat chicken..!! by khabarnamcha Ghosts and all Para psychological activities are said to be as strange creatures. Some people claim …

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Jinnaah Park Lahore Pakistan Dating Couple

The hotel has only outdoor pool which can be enjoyed even by the outsiders after paying additional charges. Two professional life guards take care of the people in pool.The hotel is located near central city of Coventry including famous shopping malls and cinemas. Coventry zoo is only ten minutes away …

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2017 Coming years rates and schedules of Qatar Airways


With over 180 air crafts Qatar airways is operational in South Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Far East, Middle East, South America and also Oceania.These side businesses also include Al Maha Airways, the Qatar Air craft catering company, Qatar Airways holidays, Qatar Distribution Company, Qatar duty free.Qatar is an Islamic country …

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